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Musical Bloom - Bamboo Earrings (Black)

Inspired by nature Sculpted by hand

Crafted from flexible and resilient Taiwan bamboo, our unique earrings blend natural materials to create soft, elegant and sculptural designs. Inspired by musical notes and delicate stamens, these pieces move gracefully with you, exuding confidence and distinction.

Bamboo’s strength and flexibility makes it possible to create lightweight earrings which are visual statement pieces but yet are almost imperceptible to the wearer.

Every pair of earrings in this collection uses 14K gold-filled hooks, this reduces the chances of allergies for the wearer.

Material | Taiwan Guizhu bamboo, 14K gold fill, metallic color paper

Size | H3.8cm

Colour | When using colour on the bamboo, only one side is coloured, so as to preserve the material’s unique fibres, tints and textures. An eco friendly wax oil was used to colour and protect the bamboo.

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